The world most luxurious men’s underwear


For most people, underwear is an accessory, one that is meant to provide comfort and support.It is not made to be a fashion statement or any other kind of statement for that matter. You just buy a pair of boxer briefs and put it on. Key qualities you are interested it is that the material used to make these under garments range from fine silk to soft cotton so one can be assured of quality and comfort. So we’ve compiled a list with some of the expensive men’s underwear.


Etiquette Clothiers – $60

Etiquette Clothiers – This particular brand became instantly a world known designer underwear brand who made some pretty luxury and high standard items.Besides the craftsmanship in superior cotton, ultimate comfort and enhanced fit.

Tani Swisstouch Boxer Brief -$60


Tani claims that their underwear sets a new standard, aiming for “sophistication through simplicity.” The Swisstouch is made of 92% Swiss cotton.


Athletic Underwear from Frigo No.1 $100


This underwear has all the latest developments that make underwear good for athletic activities. However, there is another feature which is the pair’s party piece and that is an adjustable interior pouch which can be enlarged or brought in in order to accentuate the region according to each man’s individual needs.


Oakley Carbon X Underwear – $135


Oakley Carbon X Underwear is the only pair of men’s underwear of this kind. It is unique. This underwear is made by infusing fibers and material that make it resistant to fire. They limit heat transfer and also have the highest resistance to chemicals on the market.


Versace Barocco Animalier Brief -$150



No surprise that most expensive underwear on this list comes from fashion behemoth Versace. Unlike the ad copy for Frigo boxer briefs, Versace’s description is barebones. The underwear features a Greca Medusa detail, elasticated waistband, and Barocco Animalier print.


Derek Rose Bailey Pure Silk Classic Boxer – $165


Derek Rose is a brand that has over 3 generations of people working at it. It was a family business made to overcome the average nightwear and underwear. Derek Rose is one of the most expensive luxury brands of men’s underwear. Their Bailey boxers are made of Italian pure silk.


Waffle Briefs – $170


Beside the waffle and light twill , the refined functionality and the design that you think it was fitted just for you, make you think this is the most desirable pair of underwear.That’s probably why they fitted 2 18 karat gold buttons on the fly so you have the luxury experience that other men don’t.



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