The top 20 youngest self-made billionaires in the world

One thing is to be called a millionaire and be proud of it, but when you’re a billionaire, the world will appreciate even a little bit more …

That’s the story of these young entrepreneurs who are presented as a Top 20 youngest billionaires. The most striking thing about these richest young people is that all their wealth and fortune is self-made and not inherited, and they share one thing – they are young and have 36 years or less and represent a real economic force. There are 1,826 billionaires on the most recent Forbes list. Of those, 46 are still under the age of 40 and about half of them made their fortune in the tech industry.

World’s Top 20 youngest self-made billionaires

Evan Spiegel

Age: 25

Net worth: $2.1-billion

Evan Spiegel is the CEO of Snapchat, a social networking platform that’s grown in popularity in the USA and around the world. He made this application in collaboration with his partner Bobby Murphy.


Bobby Murphy

Age: 26

Net worth: $1.8-billion

He was a partner in crime with Evan Spiegel – actually a co-founder of Snapchat application and is on the second place on our list. He is almost two years older than Spiegel and he is actually the brain behind the operation, which resulted in the application for sharing photos.


John Collison

Age: 26

Net worth: $1.0-billion

John Collison is the co-founder of Stripe, an Irish technology company that enables individuals and businesses to accept payments over the Internet. John and his brother Patrick Collison started Stripe in 2010 while John was studying physics at Harvard.


Patrick Collison

Age: 27

Net worth: $1.0-billion

Patrick Collison co-founded Stripe with his older brother John. Dropped out of MIT to partner with his brother John to establish the company.


Mark Zuckerberg

Age: 31

Net worth: $46.0-billion

Familiar to most of us, The Facebook co-founder and CEO became the youngest self-made billionaire in history at age 23, thanks to Facebook’s IPO. Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla are the ninth wealthiest couple in the world.


Dustin Moskovitz

Age: 31

Net worth: $3.6-billion

Co-founder of Facebook, Dustin Moskovitz became the company’s first Chief Technology Officer. He has since left to co-found another company, Asana, a web-mobile application that helps teams track their work, but he still holds a large stake in Facebook.


Elizabeth Holmes

Age: 32

Net worth: $3.6-billion

Holmes founded healthcare-technology company Theranos as a sophomore at Stanford. Within months, she dropped out to pursue her entrepreneurial path and build her company.


Wang Yue

Age: 32

Net worth: $1.0-billion

Wang Yue is the Chief Executive Officer of Chinese mobile game development company KingNet Technology and is a new addition to the list. He has been able to transform the company into an industry leader since becoming CEO in 2009.


Cheng Wei

Age: 32

Net worth: $1.0-billion

Based in China, Cheng Wei is the Chief Executive Officer of the world’s largest mobile transportation platform, Didi Kuaidi, which is often likened to Uber.


Nathan Blecharczyk

Age: 32

Net worth: $3.6-billion

The Harvard graduate was working as a product manager at Microsoft when his former roommate Joe Gebbia recruited him to cofound Airbnb. As the current CTO, he led the company’s recent push into Cuba.


He Zhitao

Age: 33

Net worth: $1.2-billion

The Chinese software entrepreneur and CEO of Hangzhou Liaison Interactive Technology joined the young billionaires club in 2015, when the value of his shares in the company sent him from millionaire to billionaire status.


Eduardo Saverin

Age: 33

Net worth: $5.6-billion

The Facebook co-founder is no longer as involved in the company after legal disputes with his fellow cofounders, but he still holds a small stake in Facebook.  He is now an active investor as well as the director of 99, a Singapore-based property rental and sales website.


Sachin Bansal

Age: 34

Net worth: $1.4-billion

Sachin Bansal is an Indian Software engineer and Internet entrepreneur, known for co-founding India’s e-commerce platform Flipkart. Sachin Bansal and his business partner Binny Bansal launched Flipkart from an apartment in Bangalore with 400,000 rupees ($6,500) cash. Today, it’s India’s top internet retailer, with 30 million products and 44 million registered users.


Binny Bansal

Age: 34

Net worth: $1.4-billion

The co-founder of Flipkart has been the chief operating officer for years, and was promoted to Chief Executive Officer.


Lin Qi

Age: 34

Net worth: $2.2-billion

Lin qi also known as titan Lin, Is a Chinese entrepreneur who founded Youzu Interactive, a fast-growing web and mobile game developer and publisher based in Shanghai. He reached billionaire status in 2014 after Susino Umbrella bought his company. Today, Lin qi currently owns approximately 100.9 million shares in Youzu, which were last valued at $2.2 billion.


Joe Gebbia

Age: 34

Net worth: $3.3-billion

Joe Gebbia is a co-founder of peer-to-peer home and apartment rental company Airbnb, which is valued by investors at more than $25 billion, following a $1.5 billion funding in June 2015.He currently serves as the company’s chief product officer.


Frank Wang Tao

Age: 35

Net worth: $3.6-billion

Frank Wang is the world’s first drone billionaire. He is the founder and CEO of SZ Dajiang Innovation Technology, also called DJI, a privately held robotics company with estimated 2015 revenue of $1 billion.

Zhang Bangxin

Age: 36

Net worth: $1.5-billion

Zhang Bangxin is cofounder, chairman and CEO of New York Stock Exchange-listed educational tutoring firm TAL Education Group. The Beijing-based company, founded in 2003, provides after-school tutoring for K-12 students at more than 500 locations throughout China.


Scott Farquhar

Age: 36

Net worth: $1.6-billion

The Australia native cofounded software company Atlassian with a university buddy, Mike Cannon-Brookes, in 2002. Atlassian grew at a rapid rate and pulled off a successful IPO, nearly doubled their fortunes overnight.


Mike Cannon-Brookes

Age: 36

Net worth: $1.6-billion

Cannon-Brookes and Farquhar share the role of CEO at Atlassian, which now has 15 software products and serves clients including Citigroup, NASA, Twitter, and Tesla.


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