The Man That Can Replace Bred Pitt as Number One Hottest Man Alive Might Disappoint The Ladies?!

RB man Barış Arduç

Аs we all know, Barish Arduch is a turkish actor that managed to make every girl fall in love with him at first sight. And we understand, what’s not to like, he is superhot and has a perfect smile, he acts, he is a model , he is a humanitarian and likes dogs, the perfect combination!


RB man Barış Arduç

Arduç’s first job was as a lifeguard at “BEYKOZ SUALTI SPOR KLB. BEYKOZ” for 8 years (2005–2013) at Şile, Istanbul, Turkey.

RB man Barış Arduç
He attended acting training courses in 2007-2009 in Istanbul, and completed his theatrical education at Sadri Family Theatre and stepped into professional acting in 2009-2011 in Istanbul.

On June 2015, Arduç was given a starring role in the Turkish TV series Rental Love (Kiralık Aşk) on the Turkish channel  Star TV as Ömer İplikçi.From 2015 he starred in television series Kiralık Aşk which was named The Best Romantic – Comedy TV Series of 2015 by GECCE magazine,and took 5th place of the “Best Turkish TV Series of 2015” award.

RB man Barış Arduç                                                       (Elçin Sangu and Baris Arduç for tv series Kiralik Ask)

Followed by almost 4 million people on social media, he continues to steal the hearts of the female population. But, what all of the girls are wondering about is of course his relationship status, and the answer to that is unknown. So Barish is also a very mysterious guy and doesn’t want to talk much about his private life, and that makes him even more interesting to us girls.


RB man Barış Arduç


There’s actually no information about any previous relationships, and he only has photos with his colleague Elcin Sangu. So is it possible that he might be gay? We don’t think so, don’t worry ladies, but still there are some speculations about him dating another Turkish actress Gupse Ozay. They have no posts together and the paparazzi haven’t caught them hanging out, so you still might have a chance! If not, we suggest you watch the most famous TV series that he plays in called Kiralik Ask. Enjoy, especially the scenes where he’s shirtless.

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