Take A Peek Into The Luxurious Lifestyle Of Floyd Mayweather; ‘Big Boy Mansion’,Luxury Cars And More


Welcome to the fabulous moneyed world of one of boxing’s richest men.

Mayweather earned $700 million during his 19-year career, including $32 million for last fight with Andre Berto.The undefeated boxer is a cash-generating machine who has topped Forbe’s list of highest paid athletes twice.Mayweather can afford to spend crazy money on himself buying the luxurious things every man wish for.

He’s also never been shy about flaunting his outsized wealth. Case in point: Mayweather’s  Las Vegas home, which he calls the “Big Boy Mansion.” The 20,000-square-foot house includes seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms,movie theater and such features as 12-person shower, many marble floors, light fixtures designed by Fendi and so on.

The house has its own Instagram account.

Fendi Furniture — lets talk about getting it

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He travels with Ziploc bags of hundreds, and is known for his crazy shopping sprees.


He has two fleets of luxury cars. All his cars at his Miami house are white, and the cars at his Vegas house are black.


And he owns a G5 private jet.


Luxury Everywhere.


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Watch this video showing Floyd Mayweather’s Mansion

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