Russian Megan Fox Olesya Malinskaya

Women, especially young girls look at models and wish to be like them when they grow up.
Runaway shows, spotless images and glamourous lifestyle is what you think when you say the word fashion model. But, the story behind the scenes is usually a bit different, and the road to becoming one is not an easy one.

This is the story of a young country girl whose dreams become reality. People often call her the Russian version of Megan Fox. She managed to build envy worth fashion empire, even though in the beginning she wasnt really what we call model built. Olesya Sidorchik, now known as Olesya Malinskaya was born in in the city of Rostov-on-Don, on April 5th, 1989. Other sources say she was born in Volgondosk.
It’s clear that Olesya doesn’t like to talk about her origin. Her first known pictures are from her personal profile on the Russian social network VK. The photos show her humble origin and are the main reason for rumors about her alleged numerous surgeriesalthough Olesya always denied these accusations, but in the end, she finally admitted that she had gone under the table but only for a boob job and lip injections.

At the age of nineteen, she married Anton Malisky, who took her from her hometown and moved to Moscow.
The rumors are, that shortly after sealing the deal with the young lawyer and moving to Moscow, Olesya cheated on her husband with a rich sugar- daddy who could support her ambitions for a more glamourous life. In 2009, she participated in the Miss Maxim Contest and came as 3rd, gaining “Miss SOHO ROOMS” title. The aspiring young model wanted more, so Olesya has created her own fashion house “Olesya Malinskaya”. The first show was held at the Fashion Week in Moscow on 26 October, 2012. Contrary to fashion critics opinion, the show enjoyed great attendance and was a good starting point for Olesya’s carrier as a fashion designer. Her fashion company, known as MALLINI COUTURE is famous all around the world and specializes in dresses for all occasion.

Bellow some of the MALLINI COUTURE dresses that are in every girl bucket list.


Now, she lives in Moscow and is studying at the Moscow State Law Academy. It was found out that Olesya rented a flat with Dasha Kononovich (a.k.a her best friend) and they worked as escorts.

She enjoys the high life and all the luxury it brings. On a more personal note, Olesya says she enjoys cooking and likes to lead a healthy lifestyle. She also likes reading and spending time in nature.

For more of Olesya, make sure to visit her Instagram Account olesya_malinskaya.

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