Russian billionaire Andrei Melnichenko unveils his $400 million superyacht

Andrei Melnichenko Russian billionaire  became the owner of another luxury yacht whose equipment and construction cost around $ 400 million.The world’s largest sailing superyacht named “A”, as previously Luxurious yacht of Melnichenko, has been spotted in a shipyard in Kiel in northern Germany and put on trial sailing.

Photo: Screenshot/youtube

Photo: Screenshot/youtube

Cruising yacht speed is 18mph, with a top speed of 24mph. The hull is made of steel, with a teak-finish deck. The hull is made of steel, and the deck is covered with teak wood.The interior has yet to be decorated as desired tycoon and his beloved, and is estimated to cost around 14,000 euros per square meter.The yacht has eight floors and an underwater room with transparent walls for viewing the sea, which was used piece of curved glass area of ​​18 square meters and is difficult to 1.8 tons.

The yacht, designed by Frenchman Philippe Starck and Briton Martin Francis, and built-in Germany.The ship will be able to accommodate 20 guests and crew will consist of 54 members.The new boat is of course equipped with new technical developments, and will be on the command deck commands used mainly touchscreens, which means that the captain and crew members will be able to raise and lower the sails and cast anchor light touch with your fingertip.

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Andrei Melnichenko was born in Belarus, and is married to former model from Serbia Aleksandra.His net worth is estimated at $9 billion, founded the fertilizer producer EuroChem, the coal producer Suek, the power generator SGK, and the pipe exporter TMK.

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