Once ‘Poor and Fat,’ German Tycoon Now Lives Baywatch dream

Ever since he was a child Bastian Yotta has been obsessed with “Baywatch.” Now that he is 38, he is finally living the life he has always desired. Well dreams did come true for this guy and his wife Maria who are becoming everybody’s center of attention with their version of the “Baywatch” lifestyle called the “Yotta Life.”

German couple Bastian and Maria Yotta dreamed of an upscale lifestyle the rich experience in California. While they did live this way in their native Germany, they were criticized about their lavish lifestyle so they made the move to Los Angeles, and couldn’t be any happier.

Their Instagram account—which has over 340,000 followers— reveals parties, butts, boobs, luxury cars and ten thousand dollar shopping sprees.

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Yotta’s wife, Maria, 27, is often seen flaunting her expensive clothes, sexy body and luxurious lifestyle in the account’s photos.


A video posted by Yotta Couple (@yotta_life) on

 Yotta’slife wasn’t always filled with luxury and good looks. He revealed in a Instagram post

A few years ago I was poor, fat and unhappy. My life was my enemy.
In my opinion the whole world was responsible for my shitty situation.
But one day I made a decision:
I took responsibility and created a vision of myself. I started writing the storybook of my life. How would the perfect life look like ? After I finished I knew what I want. I decided that whatever it needs to get there I will do. Yes it was hard. Yes I was afraid to fail. But I always kept moving forward and forced myself to believe !
Today I am living exactly the life I was dreaming years ago. I call it my yotta life.
And today I share that ugly pic of me because I wanna show that if you dare to dream you can achieve. I started with 10 Dollars and 40 pounds overweight but with a clear vision.
Believe in yourself and make it happen !
Whereever you are you can change your life with the first step ! Now !


Depending on how hot the Yottas think you look, you could be the next member of the Yotta Life graduating class:

The couple currently are working on reality TV show based on the life-coaching going on in their mansion. Ten beautiful women staying in ten rooms learning how to achieve life goals.

Take a look at the video below to see into the flashy couple’s way of life by Barcroft TV

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