Meet David Gandy, One Of The Most Stylish Men On Instagram

Meet David Gandy, a British super model, writer, designer and philanthropist, is surely almost every woman in the world finds him hot and most men would like to look like him.

David Gandy started off as a model in England and spent a lot of his younger years at the runway. Working with Select Model Management, he has come to epitomise men’s luxury fashion worldwide, working as the face of Dolce & Gabbana, other luxury brands and as an official ambassador for London Collections: Men. He has graced over 20 magazine covers globally in the last 12 months, shot by some of the world’s most sought-after creatives and photographers.

David Gandy Net Worth is somewhere around the $16 Million mark, making him one of the richest and highest paid male models in the world.

Introducing: David Gandy RB Handsome of the Week!

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Images Source – Instagram davidgandy_official

Massimo Dutti Introducing David Gandy from hunterandgatti on Vimeo.

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