Marijuana Don new king of Instagram who’s being called the ‘Dan Bilzerian of weed’


The Don’s real name is Michael Straumietis, hes is the CEO of Advanced Nutrients, a company that develops marijuana-specific nutrients and supplements. With marijuana gaining support in states across the US for medical or recreational consumption, Straumietis’ business has grown to a multi-million dollar venture. He started it as a fertilizer company at 19. Then, at 23, his friends encouraged him to switch his focus to helping them grow hydroponic marijuana,he sold his lawn fertilizer business, rented a few mansions to convert into growing houses, and became a massive underground grower. Now he’s taking advantage of marijuana legalization with a company that reportedly rakes in $50 million per year.

Michael Straumietis or Big mike is gaining popularity in another area as well, Instagram. The company’s Instagram account has been flooded with constant streams of photos showing nearly nude models, private jets, and fast cars and of course, marijuana plants to the fanfare of fans across the globe.


Home of the Red, White & Blue. Just add Green #Merica #BigMike #advancednutrients #cannabis #medicalmarijuana

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Plants big enough for me to hide in. #marijuanamonday #BigMike #AdvancedNutrients #cannabis #medicalmarijuana A photo posted by Marijuana Don (@marijuanadon) on

Can you guess what strain this is? #BigMike #HighInTheSky #CannabisCup #AdvancedNutrients #medicalmarijuana

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#HIGHInTheSky getting ready to head back to LA #BigMike #cannabiscup #girlswhosmokeweed #weedwear A photo posted by Marijuana Don (@marijuanadon) on

The only way to fly. #HighInTheSky #BigMike #advancednutrients #medicalmarijuana

A photo posted by Marijuana Don (@marijuanadon) on

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