Gorgeous! Jessica Alba Stuns In New Photoshoot for The Edit Magazine

This week actress, entrepreneur, CEO and one of the most gorgeous stars in Hollywood, Jessica Alba take over The EDIT’s cover story.

Jessica looks stunning in the Sebastian Kim photoshoot for the 19th November issue of The Edit Magazine, styled by Tracy Taylor in fall’s new fashion-focused knitwear.



In the interview, Jessica Alba revealed that she encountered a lot of negativity from the showbiz world when she first set up the  The Honest Company  which is now valued at $1.7 billion.

‘Certainly people in Hollywood underestimated me. They absolutely, 100 percent thought I was nuts. It p***** me off! But as a woman, as an actress, I’ve dealt with that before. I’ve dealt with people undermining me; I’ve dealt with people thinking that I would do anything to get ahead and be successful. I was never that girl. I never dated people to be successful, I never compromised myself, or my beliefs, or my values to get ahead. And you know, in a weird way, I liked it when they didn’t believe in me. It fueled me.’


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