Conor McGregor Killing it Both In and Outside the Ring!

Conor McGregor, it is impossible not to have heard about him in the last couple of years, because of many reasons. Not only because he is the reigning UFC Lightweight Championship, but because he’s one controversial, trash-talking, hellla good looking and fashionable guy!


In a very short period of time, he managed to gather millions of fans from all around the world, he is the biggest pay-per-view draw in the MMA, and we definitely understand that because when he fights, everyone’s eyes are glued to the screens. And of course, McGregor loves to spend his money as much as he loves to earn them.

Leading a very extravagant lifestyle, which you can follow on his Instagram profile @thenotoriousmma , brought him almost 12 million followers and he’s gaining more day by day. Well, who doesn’t want to see him being all dressed up in his crazy patterned and custom tailored suits, his fire shoe collection, him singing while driving a brand new ride, or just posing in front of it in nothing but his underwear.

We don’t think that there is a girl in this world that can resist that hot body covered in tattoos ( he actually has a tattoo of his own name on his stomach, so can it get any crazier than that?!), his beard, always trimmed and on point and his attitude. But, he’s not single ladies. He actually has a girlfriend called Dee Devlin. He has been in a relationship with her since 2008 and earlier this year they became parents for the first time when Dee gave birth to Conor Jr.

Everyone who wants to have a killer body and strength like his, is probably wondering about his daily routine and we found the answer and it was actually quite surprising:

“I wake up, I drink water, I stretch, I begin to loosen up, and then I continue moving throughout the day,” McGregor says. “I’ll hit the gym or whatever I feel like at that particular time, or I’ll take a class of taekwondo, jiu-jitsu, yoga, or capoeira. Sometimes, I’ll box. Variety is the best way. For me, regimen doesn’t work.” So guys, according to him variety is better than routine, and you should definitely listen to his advice!

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