Alena Shishkova Gorgeous Rich Bitch Barbie Of The Week

Nothing wins us over like a gorgeous girl with an endless stream of selfies. This week we present you the Russian gorgeous model Alena Shishkova who looks like barbie and has a figure of the goddess.



Alena Shishkova  was born November 12, 1992, Tyumen, Russia. At the age of 14 she started her model career and signed up with model agencies, famous for her participation in the 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and for her modeling work in Asia, Europe, and the United States. Alena was a regional beauty contest winner, she won the tittle “Miss Hope”, “Miss Dream” and “Miss Sunshine”. She is also notable as the runner-up in the 2012 Miss Russia.

Take a look at these gorgeous photos below of Alena Shishkova.


Images source @missalena.92/Instagram

Доминикана ❤️

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